The Bait

Life offered him a second chance, to live his life the way he had wanted to, the chance to reside in the world of his dreams, but then he realised that it was a bait and he was caught in it.

He first saw her when he was driving home that night. It was a stormy night and he was in a hurry. He never saw the girl in a white dress crossing the road, but within a second he realised what he has done and in next 15 mins he has taken the bleeding girl to hospital and she was in the operation theatre.

Next few days he saw much of her. She had already told him about her sad past, about her parents death and he had told her about his present. He told her how his wife’s craving for better life had took her from one hotel room to another and who has now abandoned him as he  objected to her rumbustious lifestyle.

He was there to witness her homecoming as she came to his house. He had offered her to stay with him as he believed that she needed proper care. They shared their thoughts, talked about their past and their present.  They shared the same room and then they shared the same bed, making love all night. 

One day he woke up and found his TV switched on. It showed a video of a middle aged man and young girl fondling. Then the video ended and a message got displayed on the screen. Which read:

My darling,

I know you are bankrupt, but a friend of mine who shares your last name and has even shared this room before, told me that your father has fortune lying in his bank account. As narrated by my dear friend that your father had shut the door on your face when you married her and then after you never visited your father. I know you don’t crave for money but we do so I had to get myself injured and spend 3 days in the hospital. We had to spent 2 months plotting this bait. I wish not to make it to long  as you might get bored. so coming directly to the point, as you see, we want money, 100 thousand dollars to be more precise. So put them in a suitcase and dump it in your nearest dustbin and we would get it from there. And if we don’t find the money on wednesday, my darling, you would be the next biggest porn star of this country.

With love,

Your old and older companion

He had to come closer to the TV screen as the font was small and by the time he had finished reading it twice, he was sitting down on the floor with his head in his arms.He could see the broken pieces of his heart and his world.

Wednesday morning saw two girls been carried away to the police station. On the other hand this morning also saw a middle aged man tripping deliberately over the edge of a platform and getting smashed under the wheels of a train.

Thursday’s newspaper headlines read:

A heartbroken man committed sucide after been cheated by his lover and his estranged wife”


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