A revenge story


A saw him that eclipsed night as the moon was engulfed, a day after my house was looted. He was the local inspector transferred to our local police station only a week ago and this was his first big case. His name was Tirtho Chatterjee. 

He came to my place and all details of previous night was supplied to him. My father narrated the whole tale, “Last night, there was a lavish party where my daughter’s marriage was announced. After the party I went upstairs to the room where the safe was kept and found its door thrown open, it’s contents missing. 10,00,000 lakhs and all the wedding jewellery was taken away by the burglars.”

The inspector asked, “was the door of the room locked?”

“Yes it was, I locked it myself and when I went back to check the safe, then also the door of the room was closed and I had to use the key to open it.” My father said.

“Okay, can I see the room?”

“Yes definitely.”

After he inspecting the room throughly he questioned the servants and other family members. Then he came to me.

He asked, “So miss Bannerjee, what were you doing last night.”

“I was in the party with my fiance.”

“Did you leave the party for any reason?”

“No.” I said.

“Why are you suspecting me, it’s my wedding which got wrecked, only one week is left for my marriage, and all the wedding jewellery is stolen.”

He smiled and said, “it’s my duty to suspect everyone, don’t take it personally, mam”

He left the room.

I didn’t see him for next three days.


He was sitting in my room and a pair of handcuffs rested on his lap. I was standing beside the window.

“Bijli has already told you everything, what else do you want to know? Arrest me and put me prison.” I blurted out, suddenly breaking the silence.

“Dear mam, I don’t know the reason.”

He said that and stood beside me, his hand on my shoulder. I looked into his eyes. A drop of water escaped my eyelids, I caught it before it crossed my cheek bone and said, “I had decided to open my own boutique. But my parents never agreed. They wanted me to get settled. I was adamant, opineated. So I decided to run away.  I landed in a unknown city, without any capital or a place to live in. After 6 weeks of struggle i came back. My family  members never mocked me on my face, but they did that behind my back. The feeling vengeance was growing inside me, the venom in me desiring a vent. One day Bijli, the new maid told me that his husband worked in a jail as the sweeper and how his constant association with criminals is a reason of concern for Bijli.”

“And instantly a bait was laid. You promised Bijli a large sum, and asked her to get some thieves to loot your house. Next, you stole the needed keys, the night before the party and handed it over to Bijli, who in return gave it to the thieves. After the robbery, Bijli stealthily, slipped those keys back into their place…. Am I Right, mam?” He asked.

“Yes….. For once in my life I wanted my parents to feel the same way as I did when I was in that unknown city, clueless, fighting for my dreams. I was penniless and for once or twice I even resort to begging.They eclipsed my dreams, and hence I provided that same darkness to them, as all their hard earned money disappeared, their plan of my marriage disrupted.” I said, my tears, dollops of which were dropping now.

“How did you get to know everything?” I asked.

“One of the guest, during the routine questioning told me about your escapade. A sudden idea of a revenge story erupted in my brain. I cross checked with your fiancΓ©e, you were always in the party. And Nothing came out from your call records. For two days I lay without any clue then suddenly one of my informer told me about Bijli and her husband. And everything became clear at once. He was brought and I questioned him, after 3 hrs he broke, he told everything that happened. Thus I arrested Bijli.” He ended.

“I don’t which one I adore more, your perfect physique, your sun burnt skin, that sparkle in your eyes, your dimples or your brain.” I said looking straight into his eyes. He looked away and smiled.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked.

“Yes” he said.

My lips touched his.


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