A fear

I am the other woman, the intruder who broke your marriage. You never hid anything, I always knew you were married from the very first day we met. But still I allowed myself to fly, and drown myself into this feeling called love. I was poor, and you were rich but I never borrowed a penny from you though they said money matters. I was younger than you, a lot, and they said that I seduced you, but you were the one who held my hand, pulled me closer. The turmoil that went inside my head when my love for you was growing stronger very day but the guilt was building a greater castle, I never expressed it to anyone. I tired to distance myself from you, I tired so hard, but my soul, adamant stuck to yours. Our love story, like a jigsaw puzzle, meeting of our imperfect souls weaved a different magic.

Then one day you suddenly proposed me. You wanted to marry me. You divorced her, married me, they said that it is a matter of few months or may be one year and we would end up in court room. A day before our marriage your wife came to my place, told me things about you that I already knew, as secrets never found a place in our love. She said that you are a Casanova, a guy who gets tempted by every other girl out there. She told me that how elegant and graceful I was, so I am an infatuation from your side, that would die down soon, the day my skin will lose its youthful glow like hers and you would end up getting hitched to another younger soul. She told me that how you were caught red-handed with many girls even after your marriage to your wife and I am not the only one. But I still believed in that perfect magic of our love story. Yes I know you are a Casanova but you didn’t leave your wife for any one, other than me. 

Today so many years have passed, our two children have stepped in their teens but you never touched any other woman, no other soul could ever pull you out from the elegant case of our love. Yet when we lay at night, gripping each other in a tight hug, a thought sometimes haunts my mind, would I wake up and find you in someone else’s bed?


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