A day

Sitting beside the lake, looking at her reflection, she remembered everything that happened. That heartbreak, that insult without any reason and that unfulfilled desire. She wanted to die, jump and end her life, because she had just come out of a day, a day she believes encloses the worst time she has ever ticked through. She dipped her legs into the water, dragged herself a little further, a little nearer to the closure of her wretched life. But then she felt a hand, over her shoulder, a hand that beckoned her to show her what is still left to be done, it brought her to a world she had ceased to see, her world, her life in pieces. She had been through this ordeal before, she had passed days, much worse than this, but the happy moments that followed camouflaged the bad ones. A thought suddenly crossed her mind, she realised that she would come out of this too, and plunge into another set of worthy days. She found so much more is left to be done her unfinished dreams desired her presence, to step towards the completion. That day she learnt a lesson from the hand of hope, her inner self.

 A sparkling ray, fell on the transparent water as she walked on the road towards her house, the wish to die slowly leaving her soul.

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