The second chance

I went into his room, landed a kiss on his forehead and held him into a tight hug as the distance between our bodies nullified.

I felt a restraint, his restraint, yes, I could feel  how the burden of that failed relationship, we had, still heavily sits on his shoulder. I know this closeness reminded him of everything that had happened and a strong fear engulfed him, a question haunted him, would I break his now mending heart? 6 months back when he said that he stays in his office, as he has none to back home to, I had felt bad for him. Maybe that was a dominant force which had worked on my mind when he asked me to live with him, after my landlord decided to throw me out of his house and I had moved into his home with a sense that I would regret my decision. But now I don’t pity him, I live with him because I can’t live without him.

I wanted to tell him that 4 years back when everything broke apart, those habits, his workaholic nature which had brought so much hatred to our relationship has died a silent death. I have made peace with it. Those heated arguments that was once so dominant, now seemed baseless, because I had always failed to understand him. Yes, I agree that I should have given our relationship a little more time, then.

“I love you”, I whispered into his ears. “I will never leave you, I promise, I won’t break your heart, please give me a second chance.” I muttered, half-sobbing, tears bursting out of my eyes.

He kissed a drop of tear on my left cheek, smiled and locked his lips into mine. I felt his soul getting entangled with me, devoid of any fear, without that familiar restraint.


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