A Tiny Tale

A tiny beating heart in a corner of my body, desired for fulfillment and waited for love. Then you came, you held me close, kissed me long, touched my bare body and penetrated my soul. You sealed up those broken pieces, you stitched my heart into a whole. My soul intermingled with yours, your hug, became a paradise to me. And then everything changed, you drifted away. I waited for you to come. Tears escaping my eyes drenched my pillow, volume of my music player hiked and thoughts of us meeting again, filled my mind. But still no sign of you.

Like a cold breeze ruffling through my hair, you had come, made me happy, lifted me up, but then you left. I remained all alone in this world, with my tears and my own shoulders to lean on.

P.s in response to the daily prompt transformation, as the protagonist transformed from a girl with a broken heart, but again went back to being the same.


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