Found herself

She thought that someday someone would come, who would change her world, takeaway her sorrows and add a spark to her mundane life. She searched for him for long, made sincere attempt to find her soul, find herself, who she thought was in his possession. She thought that he would make her world, one happy place, make it like her dreams. He would take her to a place unknown, where she would fall in love with herself.

And then suddenly one day, she discovered herself, in a corner, in tattered pieces, she asked her, “what happened?” She said, “Nothing, you were so busy searching for yourself in other people, thinking someone else would find me for you, that forgot to look near you.”

That day she found her, herself, without any help, then she saw the world in a new way, loved herself more than any one else, found her shoulder capable enough to lean on and a smile, reminiscent of finding herself. 

That day she understood that no one can ever make her be herself, takeaway her sorrows, or find a smile on her face. She herself has to find a light in the dark abysses.

P.s: these positive thoughts made the Base of her happy future.

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