Prude – Book Review


by Jordan S. Gray

(Labeled, #1)

Published by: Evernight Publishing

Publication date: September 12th 2016

Genres: New Adult, Romance


Rebecca Washington is a girl in control. Well, at least when it comes to acing her college classes. The rest of the time, she seems to be at the mercy of everyone else. Like when she’s dumped in front of her peers, hit on right afterwards by a jerk for some stupid bet, and then paired up with the same jerk for a lit project. 

In order to maintain her perfect GPA, Rebecca will need to give a stellar presentation while ignoring the prodding eyes that will be staring at her. When her partner, Derek, starts to ease her fears of public speaking with his laid back attitude, she’s forced to confront her new feelings about him and his charming smile. Rebecca knows falling for a guy who teases her for being a prudish nerd can only end badly, but what if it’s just another thing out of her control?


Rebecca, a A grader college student gets dumped by her first boyfriend Sean. Derek, a Dean Lister and 6 ft full of hotness, he, as per a bet to get Rebecca’s number approaches her with sympathy. She starts rambling, pouring out her emotions, but soon she discovers his real intentions, and that pisses her off. Then as the story advances, in many instances Rebecca and Derek meet (they also get paired for a project), Rebecca’s opinion about Derek changes, and they fall in love with each other. 

I really liked the different layers of Derek’s character. His fear of losing someone he loves, his dread of attachment, the way he understood Rebecca, encouraged her, will sometimes make you hate him, sometimes love him, but he will surely make you heart him. Rebecca through her innocence, her fondness for routines, and her love for Derek, will definitely create a mark in your heart.

Another plus point about this novel is the awesome group of friends, Rebecca had, who stood with her through thick and thin. 

Overall I would say the love story is well written, the emotions of all characters, excellently expressed. Prude is beautiful, sweet and romantic. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of happy ending romance novels.

Life at 17 Rating


(5 stars for the awesome storyline and amazing characters).

*I got this book through review opportunity of Xpresso Book Tours in return for an honest review.*

Xpresso Book Tours


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