With that

They robbed her peace of mind, the innocence of her soul. They tried to judge her and make her feel guilty for her choices. Her desires were always locked away in a closet is could never open, in the fear that other people might not find it appropriate. 

She always veiled her inner self because her true self might shock people she had forever called her well-wishers. She feared their abandonment, the thoughts of their deserting her always scared her. So she decided to conceal herself, even though that meant remaining unhappy till time immemorial. 

Sometimes she used to breakdown on the bathroom floor. In an desperate attempt to become likable, she had got hurt, million times. But she still stuck to that mask. Till one day, she realised that she has become a puppet to whims and fancies of people who don’t even matter.

Those people for whom she had doned that mask, didn’t care much and those who did they could see right through everything that she used to hide herself with.

That day she asked herself a question, “Is this pillage of peace of her soul or the disguise of her real self really necessary for those who don’t even concern themselves about her?”

With that she walked into the rain and didn’t look back, that was the last time they saw her. Because the girl who came out with her mask thrown far had her confidence taking the center stage and the desire of acceptance long left behind.


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