I always fear that I might end up alone,

Without anyone in sight,

Without a family who I would look after,

And who would cry after me.

I wanted to get into a relationship,

But I always messed it up,

Because I can’t let anyone judge me for the way I think,

So most of my relationship are short,

Though they end up without much hard feelings,

But they end,

Because I grow tried of hiding myself,

And pretending to be someone who he wants.

Now things have reached to such an extent,

That I have started loving this phase of being alone,

Without anyone,

So I cut off any  advances,

Well, gone are those days,

Yes, I don’t allow anyone to be something more,

Relationships feel like shakles now,

Binding me down.

But then,

I still feel that same fear,

That I might be left all alone,

Even though I believe that if he is meant to be,

In my life,

Then he will evade all barriers,

Break all walls around me,

And come to me,

Someone who would understand me,

Love me, care for me,

Who would liberate and not rope me,

Who I will never grow tired of.

What do you think?

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