Pop Rock-Book Review

Pop Rock
by Charity Ferrell

Publication date:
October 17th 2016

New Adult, Romance


You’ve seen the headlines about him.
Knox Rivers is music’s out of control, all over TMZ, and under the impression that he’s God’s gift to the female population bad boy.

He steals hearts with his music and breaks them in the same night.
And I’m his new personal assistant.

I didn’t want to take the job, but my dad lost everything we had for not paying taxes, and I’m desperate. I have this under control, right? I’m the daughter of a rock legend and have been around these types of men my entire life – but with every passing mile I’ve finding myself more drawn to him.

I’m fighting to keep our relationship professional while he’s pushing to show me there’s more to him than what’s plastered all over the tabloids.

Desire starts triumphing my rationality.
I’m throwing all of my rules out the window.
I’ll deal with the repercussions when the gas tank runs dry.


Libby is appointmend as the secretary of pop star, Knox Rivers. She is quite determined to not change their professional relationship into something else. But after Libby shoots a video with Knox and then a world tour together, Libby and Knox fall in love with each other. However a relationship between them is difficult owing to Knox’s travelling job along with a whole lot of female attention and Libby’s ever haunting past and her fears.

This novel gives a sneak peek into the life of a pop star, how the constant presence of paparazzi wherever they go create a havoc in their life. Pop stars are not allowed to live a normal life. Everyone is interested in their personal lives and magazines and tabloids earn a lot by printing stories about them that are far from the truth. How these cause a problem in their personal lives and how these people can be a total different person than that is said through these magazines is beautifully expressed through this story.

“You don’t always see the real person behind all of the headlines. Why don’t they write about this amazing man who visits children fighting terminal cancer, who helps pay medical bills for those who can’t afford treatment, or who agrees to every Make-A-Wish?”

Both Knox and Libby have strong characters, with an unfortunate past, failed relationships and bad parent. 

Libby shrugged away from having relationships because she feared that she might end up heartbroken again. Knox tried hard to prove that he won’t break her heart. The way they finally end up together was nice to know.

I laughed through their playful sex talk and Knox’s flirting. I also felt heartbreaken at moments when Libby’s dilemma and fear of having her heart broken created strong hard hitting emotions. But these moments, I felt were a bit scanty. Mostly those emotionally hard hitting parts were in the latter half of the novel. I felt both Libby’s and Knox’s emotions were a little left out and paid a little less attention to. So that is what I didn’t like about the novel. 

“I love you, Knox. You own me – mind, body, and soul, and I will give you my all. Be patient with me, but know that I’ll be here.”

This novel was kind of a jumble of few novels that I had read recently, and the many themes of this book were treated in those books in a much more alluring way. So eventually that made me lose interest in few parts. But that may not be the case with readers out their who have not read those books.

P.s, I would like to add that  I really liked Mia, Libby’s friend’s character, her funny and helping nature.

Overall I would say that the concept of the novel was nice and the love story was beautiful. I would recommend this novel to romance lovers.



(3.5 stars)

*I got this book from Xpresso Book Tours through the Review Opportunity.*


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