Chameleon – Book Review


By Zoe Kalo

Genre: YA/Gothic/Ghost/Multicultural

Word count: 55,000

Release date: February 2017


Kicked out of school, 17-year old Paloma finds herself in an isolated convent in the tropical

forests of 1970s Puerto Rico, where she must overcome her psychosis in order to help a spirit

and unveil a killer.


An isolated convent, a supernatural presence, a dark secret…

17-year-old Paloma only wanted to hold a séance to contact her dead father. She never thought she would be kicked out of school and end up in an isolated convent. Now, all she wants is to be left alone. But slowly, she develops a bond with a group of girls: kind-hearted Maria, insolent Silvy, pathological liar Adelita, and their charismatic leader Rubia. When, yet again, Paloma holds a séance in the hope of contacting her father, she awakens an entity that has been dormant for years. And then, the body count begins. Someone doesn’t want the secret out…

Are the ghost and Paloma’s suspicions real—or only part of her growing paranoia and delusions?


I just don’t know where to start, I have only good words to say about this novel. This book was a total package. It had a ghost story, it had crime, and it also had traces of psychology.

“I more than anyone knew how things were never black or white, but an infinite palette of grays.” ~Paloma

Right from the time Paloma was sent to the convent, she could sense something weird, something different about the place. But she was quite determined to not make friends, and just spend 7 months anyway, after which she would leave and go home. But then she meets Rubia, Adelita, Silvy, and Maria. And soon she realises that stay in this covent won’t be the way she had planned.

Every character is mysterious, dialogues spoken reveal less, hold back more, so I just wanted to keep on turning the pages, so that I could know more. Few dialogues just brought chills down my spine. This book got me captivated and I was always on the edge of my seat, enjoying every bit of this story. 

“What she gets from us all: distraction, entertainment, stimulation. She should be in pre-med in Harvard, not locked up in some godforsaken convent. When brilliant people get bored, they turn…”~Silvy

“Dangerous?” ~Paloma

Even though it had a supernatural angle but I found the story to be quite believeable. 

The mystery and the suspense was held till the end, and then the revelations started coming. Some of the revelations were really unpredictable. 

The story was scary, thrilling and had all the elements that made this book a utterly engaging read. 

I would like to add that Chameleon had a kind of abrupt ending, so maybe a few more pages to nullify it would have been better. But it was not much of a problem for me because it didn’t feel like a cliffhanger.

Overall I would say that Chameleon has a nice story and I would recommend it to all ghost and mystery lovers.



(5 stars)


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