Murder in White Lace – Book Review


By Karen Sue Walker

PUBLISHER: Createspace Publishing

GENRE: Mystery/Thriller

Hello, I am back from a one month long break!


Max Walters is a busy bridal consultant with dreams of being a designer. When her boss goes on vacation, things quickly unravel when one of her brides-to-be, Jennifer collapses in the shop during a fitting and dies at the hospital soon after, apparently poisoned. When her childhood friend is accused of the murder, Max decides to investigate and clear his name. With help from her new assistant, Keiko, and the other colorful residents of Crystal Shores, Max begins to weave together a list of suspects, much to the concern of the handsome Detective Cruz. Will she be able to tie up the loose threads and catch the murderer – or will the murderer get to her first?


Murder in White Lace flows very seamlessly and I got into the story and could relate to the characters quite easily. I never got bored. I like my mystery novels to be more suspenseful and more gripping, so I think Murder in white lace lacked the suspense quotient. But some parts of the last 30% were quite thrilling.

“Max looked up to see the gun pointed straight at her. She knew as soon as she signed the note she was dead.”

Max is a quite likeable character, she is smart, witty, kind and has nice sleuthing abilities.I also liked the way Max thought, because she considered her to be one of her suspects to help herself think like the police.

I was spellbound when the murderer was revealed because she was someone I had never expected to commit something this heinous.

I loved Keiko’s character but I am a bit disappointed​ with Detective Cruz’s character, as a police his character was a bit downplayed.

Overall I would say Murder in White Lace is a nice cozy murder mystery, which you can enjoy with a coffee in your hand. I surely recommend this book to all mystery lovers.



(4 out of 5 stars)

*I got this book from Netgalley*

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