Worlds with Ruby: Book Review

WORLDS WITH RUBY (Ferris Wheel stories # 1)

By C P Cabaniss

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal


When you’re already dead, why should you be afraid?

Ruby died in an accident. But instead of heaven or hell she finds herself in a place unimaginable…….

When dead Ruby finds herself on the edge of a cliff in a land unknown, with an ominous creaking coming from the nearby woods, she is left with no choice but to follow it to its source. Nothing is what it seems and Ruby soon finds herself being whisked away to worlds beyond her imagination. Worlds in need of saving. Along the way, she discovers that in saving these worlds, she is saving herself.


I wish to say no more about the plot than what is written already in the synopsis as l don’t want to spoil your read, because it’s​ better to go into the book blind and be surprised.

Beginning the review, the first thing I want to do is to praise the author’s ability to think, to imagine. How did she come up with this idea? I just don’t know. It’s so unique, innovative and so unlike any other story that I have ever read. 

Coming to the main character, I loved Ruby’s character a lot, she is a strong woman, she faced her enemies bravely, even in the unknown lands, she was not afraid. 

“Fear must be embraced, accepted as natural, but never run from. Never orgotten or locked away. We must overcome it. But in banishing it, we allow it to overcome us.”

I think the best part of this novelette was the climax, the end, where it is described that why she didn’t die a normal death and went to heaven (or hell) but instead became a traveller, who went to different worlds. Obviously it was not something that l had expected. It was something very unpredictable.

As it is a fantasy read so I can’t help myself from commenting on its believability. I found it very much believeable, because who knows what would happen to us after death, this might be true, like we can become a saviour, or a traveller after we die.

Overall I would say Worlds With Ruby has a nice plot, is quite a pageturner, and kept me guessing till the end. So I would like to recommend this book to all fantasy readers and if you are not a fantasy reader, but would like to try one of the fantasy books, then this might be a good option.



(4.5 stars out of 5)

(-0.5 stars because I didn’t like Damen, Ruby’s​ friend’s ,  character that much.)

*Author provided me my book, free of cost with no obligations*

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