Again a free Shower

“Again a free shower!” The crow exclaimed.

“Yeah, at least you don’t have clothes on, or they would have dried on your body, giving you a nasty cold.” 

The crow looked at the concrete statue, his speaker, “Oh! You have just one fibre of cloth on you, and that too made up of concrete, how can that dry and give you a cold?”

“Each time it rains, you fly off just before it starts pouring to find a shelter, how would you know what happens after? That little girl across the street comes running and puts a shawl around my shoulders along with a small umbrella on my head, and says, ‘I don’t want to see you get wet, Grandpa’ …..Each time she comes hurrying, I wish it would her mother’s umbrella she would bring and not hers, it’s too small for me.” 

“Um… at least you have someone who cares, unlike me… Actually her actions are noble, just not very fruitful….” 

“Yes, I know, that’s why I love her….” His voice trailed off as the sky started crying.

He looked across the street, and spotted the little girl coming towards her…. He tried smiling….. but concrete, Ah! that’s​ pretty solid……


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