Soaking in the Cure: Mini Book Review


(Lorem University#2)

By Anna Viola-Peg

Genres: Erotica, Romance


A sexy short story about a woman who has lost her ability to feel arousal and the doctor who goes out of his way to help her reclaim her femininity.

Louise is a female who suffers with HSDD (Hypoactive sexual desire disorder). After turbulence in her life makes her lose all desire for intimacy, she throws herself into her job until one faithful day she receives an email claiming there is a cure.

Dr Michael Hunter has dedicated his life to research and when his trial starts going astray, he finds himself making too many emergency house calls to try and help his new patients. One of them, Ms Louise Hill, presents a particularly interesting case.

Anna Viola-Pegโ€™s second story โ€˜Soaking in the Cureโ€™ is 7000 words of hot scenes with a sprinkle of romance to spice up the famous taboo fantasy.


Louise is a 31 yr old woman suffering from HSDD. She signed up for a trial that claims to cure HSDD but the doctor’s assistant injected her with a dose of medicine that made her too much aroused. Not finding a solution to her problem she called the doctor in charge, Michael, to her house….

“Disappointment was mixed with an improper longing for the woman that was waiting for him. She was alone, probably scared and very, very aroused.”

Soaking in the cure first heats you with the act of pleasuring oneself and with lot of sex and then makes you smile when you encounter the dash of romance thrown into it. This short story is surely going to leave you with a happy feeling.

Soaking in the cure is a nice erotic short story with an innovative concept and likeable characters that I would like to recommend to all erotic lovers.



(4 stars out of 5)

*Author provided me my book free of cost in return for an honest review*

Buy the book Here


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