The terrace

Standing at the end of the terrace and wondering at the ability of the vastness that lie below, my brain went back to this time one year before, when everything was in a disarray, all the doors snapping on me one after the other. The door behind me was the only one that didn’t shut on my face, so this the place that I had preferred to come. Jumping off was a thought but never became a deed because the courage needed never embraced me. Finally, I had gone to that same room that had held all the memories of my failure. I had heard the phone buzzing,


“You have been selected Rita, you can join from tomorrow.”

Standing today at the same place, I smiled and then journeyed back to my room, to get ready for my new day ahead.

100 word Wednesday week # 17


3 thoughts on “The terrace

  1. Hello! Interesting perspective on the image β€” thanks for joining us πŸ™‚ To be included in the Weekly Wind-Up, entries must be received by the weekend the image is posted. While I do usually wait until the following Tuesday to post entries, I don’t go back to previous weeks and update. Feel free to ping to the Wind-Up for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 17 here: and we’d love to have you join us for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 20 posted today at: β€” Hope to see you again soon πŸ™‚

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