On Air: Book Review

(Lorem University#1)

By Anna Viola-Peg

Genres: Erotica


A sexy short story exploring the forbidden desire between a teacher and his student.

Maggie is a bright journalism undergraduate who loves writing but hates broadcast. So when the dreadful radio module comes along, she knows she won’t do well – so she spends her lectures fantasizing about the young seminar tutor.

Mr Finian is an exemplary academic, famous for making even the worst of students excel. And when he is faced with Maggie’s shy voice and dislike for his subject, he decides to teach her an unconventional lesson.

Anna Viola-Peg’s debut story β€˜On Air’ is nothing but 6000 words of pure hot tension, dominance and a satisfying twist to the famous taboo fantasy.


Having already read and loved the author’s second book Soaking in the Cure, I had pretty high expectations from this book. Though I loved this book a bit less than the second one but still it was a quite enjoyable read.

β€œI will press this big red button here and from that point on you are not allowed to say anything. Making sounds is fine; I even encourage you to be as loud as you can. We have to build that confidence.”

β€œIf you break this rule…” he paused and something dark passed through his face…

Maggie is a shy girl who loves journalism but only wants to do print stories because she doesn’t like the way she sounded. She had a bit of similarity with me so I felt Maggi’s character to be quite relatable and definitely likeable.

Mr Finian’s character is also good. I loved his unconventional way of teaching.

Been a erotic story it has sex scenes but that is not everything this novel is comprised off. I think that is what I like about this author’s erotic stories, they don’t only have steamy scenes but also have a interesting storyline.

After this book ended I was left wanting for more because I wanted to know a bit more about Mr Finian and Maggie’s​ relation after that last incident in the story. Though this is not a cliffhanger but I feel that I want a sequel where the relation of this two people will be explored more.

I would like to recommend this book to all erotic short story lovers.



(4 out of 5 stars)

*The author provided me my book free of cost in return for an honest review*

Interested. Buy the book here


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