Stone love

“We should have listened to him when he said ‘no hugging, no kissing, no public display of affection’…” His lady love sighed.

“Ya true.
Actually, this idea of time travel was a total blunder…..” His stone lips replied.

“But who knew that in 4030 hugging in the public would turn us in stone.”

“Yes…… But on a better note, at least we are together in this, love and now we can talk as much as we want, without work, without phone, without any distraction till the police here comes to fix us up.”

“Ya, it’s a nice reprieve…… A much needed break…” Saying that she tried to finish that kiss they had started but then realisation struck her…. Better not try anymore of these while they are here, because they obviously didn’t know how many times can stone be replaced to human again….

Sunday Photo Fiction


13 thoughts on “Stone love

    1. They can actually talk after they were converted to stone, the voice comes from within, so its kind of telepathy but you can actually hear each other talk.
      Thank you…..πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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