Good Grief: Book Review


By Vera Elle Unita

Publication Date: May 26, 2017

Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Jasmine Frost had imagined the first day at her new job quite differently. How on earth could she have known the arrogant billionaire Cole Ward would insist on her leading the renovations of his mansion?

To oversee the renovations, Jasmine moves in with Cole. Turns out, the mansion needs more than a little makeover, and she is stuck with that growly bear of a man for weeks. He doesn’t even like her French bulldogβ€”who the hell doesn’t like puppies?

Still, they can’t withstand the strong attraction between them. The dark look in his eyes is intriguing and Jasmine can’t keep herself from digging into his past. But what if she doesn’t like what she finds?

Standalone Romance β”‚ No cheating but bad language, explicit scenes, and a happily ever after.


I loved Good Grief’s storyline because in most of the books that have read about the damaged hero, mostly the hero refused love and wanted to protect his heart from love but that didn’t happen in this story. Cole actually embraced aliveness that Jasmine brought and he did not push her away.

“Because when everything was dark, even the tiniest drop of color was valuable. Let it be a whole clash of colors and you sure as hell needed to hold on tight in order to never get lost to the darkness ever again.”

Both Jasmine and Cole’s characters were totally lovable. Their characters were relatable and I could feel their emotions perfectly as if I was actually in their head and heart. I loved the dialogues that the author gave them especially those of Jasmine’s.

“Because everything with him was intenseβ€”not only his stare, but him making her laugh, him making her feel safe and treasured, him loving her every single night.”

 Cole and Jasmine’s love story is filled with heartwarming moments and also heartbreaking moments. Heartbreaking moments like those when Cole opened up to Jasmine about his past or when he visited the grave were almost tear inducing. 

I feel Good Grief is really well written and it also has a very beautiful story that touched my heart. Good Grief is I think one of those books that I would remember forever and it is definitely one of my best romance reads in a long time.

I would like to recommend Good Grief to all the romance lovers​ out there.



(5 out of 5 stars)

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*I received a free copy in return for an honest review*


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