The Sheikh’s Accidental Heir: Book Review


By Leslie North

(Sharjah Sheikhs book 2)

Genres: Romance, Woman’s fiction

Publication Date: 23 February 2017


Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qasimi is used to playing by his own rules, but when his father decides that his lifestyle of excess is becoming a threat to his future, he has to work fast to clean up his image, or face the consequences. Ahmed is resigned to an arranged marriage to a woman with whom he feels no romantic spark, until another ghost from his past comes back to haunt him: his American ex-lover.

Melanie is working to prove her catering business is a world class operation, so when she is offered the opportunity to provide the food at Ahmedโ€™s wedding, she canโ€™t say noโ€”even though they once shared a night of passion. When a stranger offers her $100,000 to stall the wedding, itโ€™s hard to refuse, especially when the connection between them is reigniting with a vengeance.

Letting go of the past isnโ€™t so easy, though, when Melanie reveals a secret of her own.

Now, Ahmed will have to choose between being with the woman heโ€™s falling for and saving his fiancรฉe from a loveless marriage to another man. With his entire future at stake, can Ahmed find happiness for himself and the women in his life?


The Sheikh’s Accidental Heir is the second installment of Sharjah Sheikhs Series (It can be read as standalone). The first one was The Sheikh’s Forced Bride . I also read and reviewed it and I remember that I had given it a 5 star rating. So I was very excited to dive into this book and had very high expectations. But The Sheikh’s Accidental Heir left me a bit disappointed. 

First starting off with the good part of this book. I loved  The Sheikh’s Accidental Heir’s main characters. Melanie is a strong and determined woman. She owns a business in New York and loves to stick by the rules. On the other hand Ahmed is careless and has achieved a nuisance creator image. But he has a hidden talent which has helped him earn millions. I liked Ahmed’s character, even though he is not too helpful for his father’s business but still he is good at heart and is a great lover and friend.

The problem I had with this book is that I felt that the romance between Melanie and Ahmed was too rushed. I wanted to slowly savour the sweetness of romance between the leads but that didn’t happen as it started and ended too quickly. From Melanie’s point of view, leaving behind few instances near the end of the story, it mostly seemed only attraction rather than love. I felt that a few more pages should have been devoted to the built up of Ahmed and Melanie’s love story.

In the previous book of Sharjah Sheikhs Series I loved Sultan’s character. He was strict and someone who wanted his sons to follow his commands but he was also the same person who accepted his eldest son Khalid’s desire to marry an American and his ex fiancรฉe’s desire to marry someone not of her comparable class. But in this book, he was almost shown as an villain. Even though the reason behind it was somewhat justified and finally he changed but still I was somehow not able to digest this villain avatar.

If you are in a mood to read a short quick romance then I would definitely like to recommend this book to you.



(3.5 out of 5 stars)

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*I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley*

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