Naughty or Nice: Book Review

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice
by Jessie Logan
Genre: Erotic Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: November 5, 2016


Satisfy your cravings with these 6 flirty, dirty, and decadently more-ish short Holiday treats.

Naughty or Nice (M/F)
When twelve days of Christmas giving doesn’t help Lily gain her co-worker’s attention, maybe an outrageously sexy gift will.

Just Like Santa (F/F)
A school teacher finds some scandalous holiday satisfaction with her student’s aunt and her willing friends.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (M/F)
Stranded in a blizzard with a younger man, what’s a red-blooded woman to do except turn up the heat?

Home For Christmas (M/F)
A poignant reunion between husband and wife with a surprise in store…

The Mysteries of Faith (F/F)
What happens when your best friend marries the man of her dreams, when only days ago she was in your bed?

Secret Santa (M/F)
Sophie’s Secret Santa gift has some unexpected and exciting consequences…the type of delicious consequences that’d see a girl permanently on Santa’s naughty list.

Pick up a copy today and ring in the Holidays with a…lusty moan.

***This book contains strong sexual content and language, and is intended for mature audiences only.***
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All the 6 stories were super sexy and hot. If you are a person who loves short sexy reads then this book is definitely for you, in this book there are not only one but six of them.

I really liked the diversity of this book. The stories were set in diverse settings, each setting completely different from the other. Apart from this, stories were also diverse in terms of sexuality, there were not only M/F stories but also F/F.

My favourite story among the 6 was Home for Christmas. It was actually a scene between husband and wife, but the surprise at the end was just very sweet and warmed my heart. My second favourite was Secret Santa.

I din’t like the storyline of The Mysteries of Faith and it has nothing to do with it being F/F, I just don’t agree with The Mysteries of Faith’s storyline. So it is my least favourite story.

If you are looking for love stories in this book, then you will be definitely disappointed. Apart from two stories, which slightly had the hint of blossoming love (which you will only find if you’re hopeless romantic like me) , all others were only pure hot desire. Home for Christmas among the rest 4 was a bit different as it was a scene between husband and wife, plus it had that sweet surprise at the end.

Final words

Tired of reading serious novels? Need to relax and unwind a bit? Like short desire filled reads? For all those out there who answered a yes to these questions, please click on the buy links and get yourself a copy.



(4.5 STARS OUT OF 5)

About The Author

Jessie Logan

Jessie Logan is the pen name of a USA Today bestselling romance author. She adores writing dirty, flirty stories with a touch of humor and heart. Romance is her way to blow off steam and escape for a little while with a scorching-hot hero.

You can find and contact Jessie here:

*I received a free copy from Lola’s Blog Tours in return for an honest review*

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