Moonlight City Drive: Book Review


By Brian Paone
Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Publication date: 6th November 2017 by Scout Media


Snapshot in the parking lot. Man and woman embrace. Betrayal, I see it every day, like my own reflection in the mirror staring back at me. Another case, another bottle of booze, life is no longer a mystery to me …
… Because I’m the private eye, hot on your trail; the top gun for hire. You’ll find me lurking in the shadows, always searching for a clue. I’m the bulletproof detective. I got my eye on you …

What’s a little sin under the covers, what’s a little blood between lovers? What’s a little death to be discovered, cold stiff body under the covers?
I’m digging you a desert grave, underneath the burning sun. You won’t be found by anyone. Vultures circle in the sky, and you my dear are the reason why.

… I was always easily influenced.



This book was just a rollercoaster ride. From the first page itself this thriller had gripped me tightly letting go only after I had turned the very last page.

A major part of the story is based on paranormal or supernatural activities, so if you don’t like those elements then you should refrain from reading this. Though I do suggest that you give this book a try, you might actually change your mind about not reading thriller having paranormal elements.

Before I go back to ranting about how much I loved this book, I would like to talk about the characters. The protagonist, Smith, the private detective was quite unlikeable, at least to me he was very unlikeable, though sometimes some of his activities made me feel different, but it eventually went back to him being very unlikeable. But this actually made this book a different read, because the protagonist himself was unlikeable, and did some totally sinful activities. There was only one character (from among the characters who had sizeable parts in the book) in this book which was likeable and that was Wynn, Smith’s secretary apart from her, every character was despicable. But let me put it straight, every character whether big or small, likeable or unlikeable fitted just perfectly in this book and was one of the pivotal reasons why I enjoyed this book so much.

Moonlight City drive was an absolute page turner. There were a lot of twists and turns. By the time you had more or less digested the previous twist in tale, there is another one already waiting to blew your mind off. Even though I had guessed one or two things, but mostly it was unpredictable, so I was always at the edge of my seat, from the start till the very end.

I think the climax and the end might be something that may not satisfy everyone. Because it was not conventional, or the bad guy got to go to the jail kind, but something utterly different from anything that I could have imagined.

Final words

This book is highly recommended to all the mystery and thriller lovers out there. Please do get your hands on this book as soon as possible.




*I received a free copy of this book from Enchanted Book Promotions in return for an honest review*


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