Marliyn Monroe: The Defiant Broad Disguised as a Dumb Blonde- Book Review

MARLIYN MONROE: The defiant broad disguised as a dumb blonde


38 pages, 60 mins read

Genres: Biography


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Marilyn Monroe was famous for playing naïve, “dumb blonde” film characters, but she herself was anything but that. Born to a psychologically unstable mother, she was passed between foster families and orphanages, and was molested on more than one occasion. She married at age 16 to escape this cycle, and while her first husband was deployed, she began to make a name for herself as a pin-up model. From there, Monroe’s career in modeling and film took off, culminating in her establishing her own production company: Marilyn Monroe Productions. While she did everything she could to escape the circumstances of her youth, her family’s predisposition to mental illness caught up to her at the end of her life; this biography of Monroe’s personal and professional life reveals the resilient broad behind the winking blonde.



I greatly appreciate this idea of publishing biographies that could be devoured in under 60 minutes. It is especially beneficial to people like me who prefer fiction over non-fiction and would like to spend not much time reading non fiction, plus it would also be good to people who don’t like to read long books or don’t have time to read long books.

This biography of Marliyn Monroe was brief but not lacking in information (at least in my opinion). This book touched upon almost all aspects of Marliyn’s life in both her professional and personal sphere. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short biography of Marliyn Monroe.

“I used to think as I looked out on the Hollywood night, ‘There must be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of being a movie star.’ But I’m not going to worry about them. I’m dreaming the hardest.”~ Marilyn Monroe

I had one problem with this book. I felt that the certain parts of the book got confusing sometimes. I just wish the book was organised a bit differently. I felt that it would have been better if they had gone by years, that is, describing what happened in one year of Marliyn’s life and then moving to describe next year of her life instead of going by categories (Marilyn Monroe’s Childhood and Young Adulthood, Marilyn Monroe as a Model, Monroe’s Rise to Stardom, etc).



(4 stars out of 5)

*I received my review copy from the Publisher in return for an honest review*


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