“Oh Patrick, again!!!! Why do you need to this again. Wasn’t one time enough?” Elle said, clearly angry at her husband.

“Elle, maybe it won’t happen again…. We have never heard anything happening to anyone else other than us ever, not even in the one month after our last ropeway visit.” Patrick replied trying to lessen some of her anger.

“But you clearly are here with the hope of getting transported to that ancient land. God Patrick, last time we got teleported to Dinosaur world!!! We were going to be eaten by tyrannosaurus rex if we hadn’t got into the ropeway cabin in time. Please Patrick we my not be lucky again….”

Patrick took Elle’s hand and gave a pull, “Maybe we would get transported to a different place… For even if it is the same place we at least know what to expect.” Patrick said winking at her wife.

“Aghhhhh…. You are impossible” Elle huffed and followed her husband into the ropeway cabin.

163 words

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