The Forgotten Ones Book Tour: Book Review

The Forgotten Ones

by Steena Holmes
Genre: Psychological Thriller


Elle is a survivor. She’s managed to piece together a solid life from a
childhood of broken memories and fairy tales her mom told her to
explain away bad dreams. But weekly visits to her mother still fill
Elle with a paralyzing fear she can’t explain. It’s just another
of so many unanswered questions she grew up with in a family
estranged by silence and secrets.
Elle’s world turns upside down when she receives a deathbed request from her
grandfather, a man she was told had died years ago. Racked by grief,
regrets, and a haunted conscience, he has a tale of his own to tell
Elle: about her mother, an imaginary friend, and two strangers who
came to the house one night and never left.
As Elle’s past unfolds, so does the truth—if she can believe it. She
must face the reasons for her inexplicable dread. As dark as they
are, Elle must listen…before her grandfather’s death buries the
family’s secrets forever.


Few days back I read a review on this book by one of my fellow bloggers who raved about just how much she loved this book. I decided then and there that I have to get this book. I just can’t thank that blogger enough for introducing me to this awesome book and obviously Silver Dagger Book Tours for sending me the review copy for the blog tour.

In the initial pages, I was almost certain that I know what this book would be about, but then, just then this book threw all my speculations out of the window. At around 19% this book gripped me first, and then with each passing page this book gripped me even tighter, finally loosening it’s grip after I turned the very last page.

As the story progressed and new revelations were made, The Forgotten Ones became more and more chilling and thrilling. From 19% to the last page this book was completely unpredictable, and always kept me at the edge of my seat. Finally, I have to add, I totally loved each and every character of this book. From the main characters to the small characters, all the characters were well built, relatable and in one word just awesome.

Final words

If you are looking for your next breathtaking read, then search no more, The Forgotten Ones is the one for you.



(4.5 STARS OUT OF 5)

( why I didn’t give it five stars? Because of the start, till 19% this book had not gripped me much, so….)

About the author

Steena Holmes is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of
titles including Saving Abby, Stillwater Rising and The Memory Child.
Named in the Top 20 Women Author to read in 2015 by Good
Housekeeping, she won the National Indie Excellence Award in 2012 for
Finding Emma as well as the USA Book News Award for The Word Game in
2015. Having her Author Brand featured repeatedly on sites such as
Goodreads, BookBub, RedBook, and Goodhousekeeping, Steena is an
authority on creating an effective author brand and has been invited
to speak on the subject at various author forums around the world. To
find out more about her books and her love for traveling.


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