The Forgotten Blog Tour: Book Review #lovebooksgroup


By J.V. Baptie

Genre: Crime Fiction


What if everything was a lie?
Newly-promoted but not welcome in CID, Detective Sergeant Helen Carter is tasked with investigating a murder in an old abandoned picture house. The case takes a chilling turn when the business card of an ex-cop is found at the scene.
Helen must piece together the case before the bodies mount up around her, and before the killer strikes closer to home…

Delve into the underworld of Scotland’s capital city in this fast-paced thriller!



I quite enjoyed reading this novel. It has been a long time since I read a police procedural, so I was really looking forward to reading this novel and I am so happy The Forgotten didn’t disappoint me.

I would say the book actually gripped me after the third body was found, before that it had my attention but the book wasn’t what I would say gripping… But after the third body was found this book actually became an absolute page turner. New twists and turns came hurling at me from all directions and I was always at the edge of my seat, till the very climax scene.

Another thing that I loved about this book was Helen’s character. She was such strong, brave and determined woman.

I would say I am a wee bit dissatisfied with the part before the third body was discovered. I wished that it had more twists and turns and it had been a little more gripping. Other than this I don’t have any complains with the book and I would love to recommend this book to all Crime fiction readers out there.



(4 out of 5 stars)

Praise for The Forgotten

β€œA genuine page turner.” Bestselling author, Alex Gray
β€œFast-paced and gritty Tartan Noir. A Brilliant Debut.” Bestselling author, Frances Di Plino
β€œFans of Rebus will love this.” Thriller author, E.A Clark.
β€œMemorable and smart.” Tom Ward, author

About the Author

J.V. Baptie graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2017 with an MA in Creative Writing. When not writing, she is also an actress and has appeared in a
variety of children’s shows and stage plays. You can find out more about her at on Twitter @jvbaptie and Facebook


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