Don’t Call Me Cupcake Blog Tour: Book Review

The Holloway Girls #1
by Tara Sheets
Genre: Supernatural Romance


Most families have a favorite recipe or two, handed down through generations. The Holloway women are a little different. Emma Holloway, like her grandmother before her, bakes wishes into her delicious cupcakes, granting the recipient comfort, sweet dreams, or any number of good things. Itโ€™s a strange gift, but it brings only happiness. Until gorgeous, smooth-talking newcomer Hunter Kane strolls into her shop, Fairy Cakesโ€”and Emma makes the mistake of selling him not one, but three Sweet Success cupcakes.

Hunter, it turns out, is opening a fancy new restaurant and bakery right on the waterfrontโ€”Emmaโ€™s competition. To make matters worse, the town committee has decided to split the upcoming summer festival contract between the two, forcing Emma to work with her nemesis. But she canโ€™t afford to split her profits. The solution: create a recipe that will make Hunter leave town permanently.

The Holloway charms are powerful. But there are other kinds of magic in the worldโ€”like red-hot first kisses, secret glances, and the feeling that comes with falling truly, madly, inconveniently
in love . . .

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I really enjoyed reading this romance novel. There were so many things that I loved about this book, the characters, the small town setting, the heartwarming romance and obviously the cupcake magic.

From the very first page, the author draws you into the world of Emma who is has a gift using which she can make magic cupcakes. I loved how the story progressed through hate then love, and in the middle some self realization, heartfelt talks and some magic.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake was like every other love story but was still different, it holds some really nice surprises for the reader. The whole magic angle adds something different to an all too common enemies to lovers story.

I just feel that this book could have been a bit shorter, because at some parts I felt it dragged on unnecessarily. But still Don’t Call Me Cupcake was a really nice read and I would love to recommend this book all romance readers out there.



(4 out of 5 stars)

About the Author

Tara Sheets is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. Her debut novel, Don’t Call Me Cupcake, won the 2016 Golden Heartยฎ award sponsored by Romance Writers of America. Tara began her career as an author in the Pacific Northwest, inspired by the rain and the misty mountains and the rivers of Starbucks coffee. She now lives in the warm, wonderful South where she can stand outside with no coat on, and she finds that pretty inspiring too. When not writing, Tara enjoys life with her book-loving family and a book-eating dog named Merlin.

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