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1st Blogging Anniversary

So I had my first blogging anniversary on 2nd August and I am very happy to have completed a full one year of blogging. I saw the wordpress notification about my anniversary on 2nd only but due to various reasons I was not able to post this post celebrating my blogging anniversary earlier than today. Sorry for been this late.

First I would like to tell what my blog Life at 17 is all about. In Life at 17 I post poems, stories, book reviews and different bookish stuffs like book blitz and cover reveals.

This one year of blogging journey was awesome, there were ups, there were downs but still the journey was fun and the most important thing is even after one year I have no intention of deleting my blog or leaving blogging.

As I had previously told in one of my tag posts, that I actually started this blog to write beauty product reviews and to share beauty related post but that didn’t not happen, I didn’t become a fashion blogger. If I trace back to that time, I don’t even remember what happened clearly but the thing I think that happened was that I posted one fiction story and that lead to another and then another. Next I started writing both poems and stories. The day I wrote my first poem and received a very nice comment from one of my fellow blogger was a really happy day for me because I always thought that I can’t write poems.

After that I started posting book related stuff. I always wanted books for free because that was one of the obstacle in the path of me becoming an avid book reader. And so one day from one of my fellow blogger Sascha Darlington I discovered a book tour site Xpresso Book Tours. I was a pretty new blogger at that time plus I did not have any social media pages and also didn’t have a very high amount of page views or followers, so I was bit apprehensive about requesting review titles or signing up for blog tours. But then garnering a lot of confidence I signed up for a few tours and review opportunities and ended up getting selected in them and started recieving books for free in return for honest review. So there commenced my book blogging journey along with my poems and stories.

Here is a little information about my blog stats and it only includes the information till 7/9/17 3:11 IST:

I have made 202 posts and have received 6,177 views from 2,833 visitors. Apart from that Life at 17 has 216 followers. I know these are not much but still I feel that it is a lot given that I am not a full time blogger and I had a school to fully focus on and now I will have a college to do so. In one sentence I am pretty proud of myself.

My readers have showed me a lot of love through likes, comments and page views and I am very thankful to them because they are the ones who kept me going. Thank you my lovely readers without whom Life at 17 would not have been where it is today.

Now I will leave some links through which you would be able to explore the favourite parts of my blog-

Here you will find the link to all my book reviews. Till date I have posted 46 book reviews.

Above is the link to the category named poetry of my blog. Here you will find all my poems. Poetry is the favourite segment of my readers because my poems get the most likes and comments. My poetries are mostly about life or love.

The final link is to the category short stories of my blog. Here you will find all the short stories written by me. This is the place where you will find the most variety because my short stories are from a lot of genres from romance to thriller to sci fi to dystopia and many more.

Finally a few more words before I finish off this post. I wish to continue blogging for many years to come and each year I want to outperform the performance of my previous year. I just hope that I keep on getting more and more love and support from my readers and Life at 17 keeps on growing with each passing day.