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Endless horizon,
I keep on searching for the end,
The pain, the suffering,
The hurt, the harm,
When will this end?
Those monsters gnawing me from inside,
When will they leave?
This ocean of ordeal,
When will it meet the land,
The land of fulfillment, contentment,
Of peace, tranquility,
Love and light?
In this endless horizon,
I keep on walking,

Searching for the end…..

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Glorious end

Spring means new,
Spring means life,
Spring means beauty in the facade of change.
New leaves grow,
Old leaves bow,
Replacement in full blow,
Taking cue from the season,
I wanna change,
Everything bad, everything not so good,
People holding me back,
People sucking me dry,
People, things everything.
This season for a change,
Let’s bring the change,
Make a new page,

A beginning with glorious end.

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Tonight I want to make you giggle,
Giggle, giggle till your head jiggles,
Giggle till your stomach aches.

Each time I see you my stomach lurch,
I wanna make love,
But not tonight,
Some Night definitely,
Tonight I just want to make you giggle,
Till your pain dissipates,
Till your despair precipates.

But me

Life is in a mess,
Like gutter with wastes,
I feel so inadequate, so inadequate,
Self doubt and insecurities filling me up,
That’s when I see it blazing,
That bridge,
So big, so big,
But on fire,
The Bridge between my dreams and reality,
Extinguisher? Water?
No, nothing can put it off,
Hopelessness fueling it,
Fueling it continually,
No, no, no one can stop this fire,
No one but me, 
But me…….

This poem is in response to:

Not For You

You inflict pain,
Again and yet again,
Want to see me cry?
Red eyed me?
You want to see the weak me,
Break my rhythm,
Shift me off track?
No you won’t get a chance,
No you won’t.
I am vulnerable yet strong,
I might cry in the darkness of sky,
But only to relieve me,
To break all bonds with past,
To move on.
But you won’t see me shake,
No you won’t see me budge,
No the weak me is not for you.

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Deepest Corners Of My Heart

In their third morning tryst,
Just in those first sunrays,
He looked into her eyes,
Big, bright eyes,
Love, deep pure love those eyes told,
A fear they expressed,
What a combination he thought,
He asked her, “what do you fear?”
“Losing you, my love,
It had been long since we met,
And my love increased day by day,
All I think of now is you and us,
Us, us, us.
You never told me how you feel,
I dare not ask you might leave.”
Closing the distance he whispered,
“Love needs no voice,
Am I right?
Even if I don’t say, you know I do,
Love you from the deepest corners of my heart”

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