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Still stuck to my face

You are a dream that got shattered,
But a dream that always mattered.
You are a man, 
Whose fingers found her face, 
But left behind my visage.
You are a desire, 
Keeping me awake,
And your thoughts a addiction,
That I can never delete,
This power of the one sided love,
So strong, so intense,
Burning me inside,
But this mask that you are no one,
Still stuck to my face.


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A thing of past

More than a thousand times I had said,
I won’t succeed, 
I won’t get it,
Not to myself,
But to others,
Because deep down I always believed in the magic,
The magic of me.

The things I said we’re just an expression,
A thing that would hide my believe,
Because I was afraid,
If I fail,
People will talk behind my back,
And call me overconfident,

I was never that,
I was never overconfident,
But still I failed,
And now I don’t trust myself,
My belief in myself,
Is long forgotten,
A thing of past.


Maybe I don’t show it,

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it,

They think I don’t care,

Because I don’t make a face,

That shows a tear,

I agree I don’t cry always,

Even when I do I do it in shade.

I know they will never understand,

My pain, my ache.

Maybe I will never be able to prove myself,

But that won’t stop me from trying,


Forever with me

Impressions of your soul on mine,

Such that it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate,

Whether it’s part of yours or mine.

Impressions of your heart

In mine,

The hollow it left,

Is a crater that refuse to​ fill.

Even though your not with me,

But your impressions,

Will forever be with me…..

A window

window to her dreams,

Dreams that she can only see,

Never fulfill.

Those dreams deep residing in her heart,

Can only be there,

Never allowed to breathe,

Because the guard, the fear,

Won’t allow courage to save,

Lest they get crushed.



misunderstood my heart, 

is a new beginning it thought, 

the past left behind;

but lurking somewhere it’s still there like moon, like stars,

the blinding light of sun, hiding them,

But they are still there, 



Endless horizon,
I keep on searching for the end,
The pain, the suffering,
The hurt, the harm,
When will this end?
Those monsters gnawing me from inside,
When will they leave?
This ocean of ordeal,
When will it meet the land,
The land of fulfillment, contentment,
Of peace, tranquility,
Love and light?
In this endless horizon,
I keep on walking,

Searching for the end…..

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