Phase One:

IRON MAN: Iron Man started the MCU timeline- Read the first book in a series~~~~The Quiche And The Dead

HULK: Bruce Banner is famous for his green alter-ego. Read a book with a green cover~~~~ Corksrew

Iron Man 2: Iron Man 2 is one of Marvel’s most unpopular movies. Read a book that’s unpopular~~~~ In my Heart

THOR: The Thor movies are based on Norse Mythology. Read a book that involved myth or mythology.~~~~The Automation

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Captain America is set during WW2. Read a book set or written in World War Two~~~~ Not yet decided

THE AVENGERS: The Avengers is the first time we see the MCU heroes together. Read a book with multiple perspectives.~~~~ Real Kind of Love by Sara Rider

Phase Two:

IRON MAN 3: Tony Stark has to make some hard decisions in this movie. Read a book that will challenge you~~~~ The Phoenix Cycle

DARK WORLD: In The Dark World, Thor has to team up with Loki to win. Read a book that involves siblings.~~~~ Destroying Their God

WINTER SOLDIER: In The Winter Soldier a character acts as a villain. Read a book where the main character is a villain or anti-hero~~~~ yet to decide

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Guardians of the Galaxy is well known for it’s soundtrack. Read a book set in, written in, or involving the 80’s~~~~ yet to decide

AGE OF ULTRON: The villain of Age Of Ultron is a robot created by Tony Stark. Read a book involving an AI in some way~~~~ Our Last Chance

ANT-MAN: In Ant-Man, Scott involuntarily gets caught up in a heist. Read a book involving a heist or thieves.~~~~ The Diamond Roulette

Phase Three:

CIVIL WAR: The Avengers split into two teams after disagreements. Read a book about a rivalry or enemies~~~~yet to Decide

Doctor Strange: Stephen Strange was a doctor beforehe was a hero. Read a book that involves medicine in some way~~~~ Doc Doc Zeus

GOTG: Volume 2: Volume Two shows even more epic space battles. Read a book set in or involving space~~~~ Her Alien Masters

SPIDER-MAN: Peter Parker has to hide his superhero identity at school. Read a YA book involving secrets in some way~~~~ Oliana Mercer Series

THOR: Ragnarok: Thor: Ragnarok is one of Marvel’s most popular movies. Read a popular book~~~~ Every Single Secret

Infinity War: “the most ambitious crossover event in history”. Read a book that fulfils multiple challenges~~~~ yet to decide

BLACK PANTHER: Black Panther features Marvel’s first black superhero. Read an ownvoices book with a black main character~~~~yet to decide

CAPTAIN MARVEL: This movie will feature Marvel’s first female hero as the main character. Read a book with a female mc~~~~ Miss Seenton’s Finest Hour

THE AVENGERS 4: Details of this movie including it’s title are still a secret. Read a book you don’t know anything about~~~~My Sweet Friend