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Welcome to my blog Life at 17.

If you are in this page, then you are here to know what I do with the personal information (The only personal information I have ever collected or would collect is your name or email address or both, nothing else) that you provide me through this blog.

Please read till the end of this page.

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1) If you are not a blogger

When you leave a comment on my blog, you would be asked to provide your email, name, and website (not required) along with your comment. The email address that you provide would only be used to contact you if you select “Notify me of new comments via email”. This email address is never published publicly, nor will I ever share this email address with anyone. Your IP address is also tracked when you comment. No one other than me can view your IP address and definitely I wouldn’t share your IP address with anyone.

2) If you are a blogger

In this case you just need to post the comment, you don’t need to type in any additional information. The only thing that I would get know about you is your username. For eg, my username is rules640 so when I would comment or reply, rules640 would be visible above my comment.


I created the form (which is in my Review policy page) only a few days back so that it would be easier for the authors and publishers to send me a review request. The only personal information that you provide through this form is your name and email address. The email address you provide would only be used to communicate with you in two cases first is to inform you whether I would review the book, second is to inform you that your book’s review has been published. Apart from that I may contact you through email in case I want more information about the book. Your email address will never be shared with anyone.


When you follow my blog via email then you would need to provide your email address, this email will only be used to alert you, when I publish a new post. This alerting is solely done by, I only get to see your email address. Definitely this email address won’t be shared with anyone.

I think this is all, I hope that you now have a better idea of how the personal information you provide, would be used. If you have any questions shoot me an email at

Be rest assured that the personal information you provide me would never be shared with anyone nor would be used for any other purpose other than what it is intended for.