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Desire for long hair?

For years now I had been drained with questions like how I was able to grow such a long hair or how do I maintain my hair. So tired of these questions I have decided to answer.😊

Yes I know you are finding it odd that I am writing about hair, since all my other posts are either poems or short stories but not many know that I had started this blog with the intention of making it a beauty blog but then the poet in me and the storyteller in me got unleashed, hmm.. well the rest is known. Coming back.


My hair

Hair oils that I use:

  1. Castor oil
  2. Olive oil
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Almond oil

    How to make the hair mask?

    Take one spoon of each hair oil, and mix it in a bowl. Your hair mask is ready!!

    How to apply it?

    Apply the hair mask on the scalp and also along the length of the hair (if you want).

    When to apply it?

    Apply it the night before you shampoo your hair and leave it overnight. You should apply this hair mask at least once a weak.

    When to expect the results?

    I won’t promise overnight results. But if you apply this hair mask for 2-3 months then you would definitely see hair growth. Like for me in 4 months my waist length hair, crossed my hips.

    Do tell me if you like my post. If you do then I would continue posting stuff about beauty like nail arts and hairstyles along with my usual poems and short stories.☺