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“Oh Patrick, again!!!! Why do you need to this again. Wasn’t one time enough?” Elle said, clearly angry at her husband.

“Elle, maybe it won’t happen again…. We have never heard anything happening to anyone else other than us ever, not even in the one month after our last ropeway visit.” Patrick replied trying to lessen some of her anger.

“But you clearly are here with the hope of getting transported to that ancient land. God Patrick, last time we got teleported to Dinosaur world!!! We were going to be eaten by tyrannosaurus rex if we hadn’t got into the ropeway cabin in time. Please Patrick we my not be lucky again….”

Patrick took Elle’s hand and gave a pull, “Maybe we would get transported to a different place… For even if it is the same place we at least know what to expect.” Patrick said winking at her wife.

“Aghhhhh…. You are impossible” Elle huffed and followed her husband into the ropeway cabin.

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Coin Sized

“How far is it Dyna?” He said while trying to keep up with his secretary’s pace, though she was walking tortoise slow.

“It’s not very far, Sir” Dyna replied.

He rolled his eyes, “Obviously it is not far for you, you are not coin sized….”

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PHOTO PROMPT Β© Marie Gail Stratford

Looking at the bare stem in Mary’s hand, her five year old sister asked “Where are the petals, Mary.”

“Last night there was a heavy storm, I think the wind blew them away.”

Staring at the bare stem she went back to last night, just before the storm when she had plucked the flower and taken it to her room, all night, she had removed each petal and murmured, “He loves me” , “he loves me not”, alternately to see where the petals would end, so that she could judge whether William spoke to her because he really wanted the pencil or …….

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The doorbell jangled loudly. I went to open the door. The sight their took my breath away. It was my husband. My child ran passed me and jumped up and hugged him tightly, refusing to let go, after all he saw his father after 6 long years. 

The expression on my face was readable I belief because my husband said, “You look shocked dear. But I think I detect something else too…..” He paused. I looked directly into his eyes, “Fear….. Are you scared of me?” My child said something in response to what he heard from his father but I was not listening, my mind was already preoccupied. I turned around and ran as first as I could to my ground floor bedroom. I closed the door and brought out the hoe from my bathroom, where I had kept it hidden since that day 6 years back. I jumped out of the window into the garden. I started digging and at last I came to that spot and found my husband peacefully sleeping, now a skeleton unlike the man of blood and flesh who I had buried six years back. 

Exactly at that moment I knew my end was near. 10 years back when we got married I had told him that if he ever dies I would prefer to be dug alive with him in his grave rather than face the rest of my life alone. I guess my wish is finally coming true. I know he was standing behind me, his hands on my waist. I never believed in spirits but from now I think I would if only I ever came out of this day alive.  At that exact moment I heard his deep manly voice, “The insurance money, the properties, everything….. 6 years was long time you got to enjoy these things but now you have to say goodbye to it all….. I guess to your inspector friend too but I think you could meet him again….. Your inspector friend was quite helpful I had heard…. So maybe I would like to take care of him too….. Just after I send you off to my grave like you had wished….. Bye love…. I hope you enjoy your afterlife journey” He kissed my cheek. I struggled a lot but he was always strong and death did not make difference. And then I felt a hard push. 

I woke up sweaty. It was 3 am. And then I heard a voice, and chills ran down my back, it was so much like my husband’s. “Incredible dream….. Right baby…… it was a great entertainment, yes baby?…. Like that movie you and your inspector friend went out to watch after he closed my murder case with those dollars you had offered, a part of my death insurance money….. 

Anyway I think I have entertained you enough and now I would like you in my arms, right in my grave….. Like you had wished……”

Stone love

“We should have listened to him when he said ‘no hugging, no kissing, no public display of affection’…” His lady love sighed.

“Ya true.
Actually, this idea of time travel was a total blunder…..” His stone lips replied.

“But who knew that in 4030 hugging in the public would turn us in stone.”

“Yes…… But on a better note, at least we are together in this, love and now we can talk as much as we want, without work, without phone, without any distraction till the police here comes to fix us up.”

“Ya, it’s a nice reprieve…… A much needed break…” Saying that she tried to finish that kiss they had started but then realisation struck her…. Better not try anymore of these while they are here, because they obviously didn’t know how many times can stone be replaced to human again….

Sunday Photo Fiction

The terrace

Standing at the end of the terrace and wondering at the ability of the vastness that lie below, my brain went back to this time one year before, when everything was in a disarray, all the doors snapping on me one after the other. The door behind me was the only one that didn’t shut on my face, so this the place that I had preferred to come. Jumping off was a thought but never became a deed because the courage needed never embraced me. Finally, I had gone to that same room that had held all the memories of my failure. I had heard the phone buzzing,


“You have been selected Rita, you can join from tomorrow.”

Standing today at the same place, I smiled and then journeyed back to my room, to get ready for my new day ahead.

100 word Wednesday week # 17