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My dear

“You are behaving like a teenager, Robert.” 

I glanced at her, even though she was frowning, I could see the hint of her smile; still captivating.

“We aged my dear, our love didn’t.”

The above 3 line tale is in response to:

In this Challenge you need to write a tale in 140 characters or less using the given picture as the prompt. 

My tale is 136 characters long.

New journey

“Finally, I am venturing forth into a new journey away from the shackles of past, away from toxic people and situations sucking me dry.”

Above is a one line tale is in response to:

In this Challenge you need to write a tale in 140 characters or less using the given picture as the prompt. 

My tale is 108 characters long.

I know it’s unrelated, but dry is the antonym of flood, which is synonym of overwhelm.

The mistake

A few metres away from a temple, a 12 yr old girl was standing on a bridge overlooking a river. She was leaning on the bridge, watching numerous diyas (earthen lamps) floating away along with little hibiscus flowers. People come to this temple, to worship, in order to get a better life, pray for their or their children’s success and also redeem for their sins, to ask His forgiveness. They say, one dip into this river washes off all the immoral acts. Such a holy place. Paradise of hope.

She stood their, cold breeze slightly unruffling her hair. She felt a hand on her side, she shifted a bit, distancing herself from the man it belonged to. He came a bit closer, she shifted again. This continued until she had no more room to do so. He inched closer until his hand rested on her left breast. She looked at the man, but he was staring at the temple. She walked away to the other side of the bridge. Silently.

She always thought it was a mistake. That day, the next day, everyday. A girl of that age in an Indian society, how much does she know to judge? Sexual abuse? Who would do that to a 12yr old? It was all a mistake. Yes, it was. She thought. These things were all over the newspaper, but the newspaper didn’t interest her. At least not the serious crime portions. So she continued, oblivious. Until one day she grabbed the newspaper, with a new born curiosity to know the world at large. There she read about these. So many suffered. Some older than her, some younger.

Now she knows, how much intentional the whole incident was. No, she can’t go back and punish him. No, she can’t go back to that moment and slap him or scream. No, she won’t be able to see if he had changed or he is still the same. Maybe she doesn’t even remember his face, it has been long, and it was dark enough. But she knows what it felt like. To be taken advantage of. And deep down she has made a solemn promise, never would she allow it to repeat again.

With that

They robbed her peace of mind, the innocence of her soul. They tried to judge her and make her feel guilty for her choices. Her desires were always locked away in a closet is could never open, in the fear that other people might not find it appropriate. 

She always veiled her inner self because her true self might shock people she had forever called her well-wishers. She feared their abandonment, the thoughts of their deserting her always scared her. So she decided to conceal herself, even though that meant remaining unhappy till time immemorial. 

Sometimes she used to breakdown on the bathroom floor. In an desperate attempt to become likable, she had got hurt, million times. But she still stuck to that mask. Till one day, she realised that she has become a puppet to whims and fancies of people who don’t even matter.

Those people for whom she had doned that mask, didn’t care much and those who did they could see right through everything that she used to hide herself with.

That day she asked herself a question, “Is this pillage of peace of her soul or the disguise of her real self really necessary for those who don’t even concern themselves about her?”

With that she walked into the rain and didn’t look back, that was the last time they saw her. Because the girl who came out with her mask thrown far had her confidence taking the center stage and the desire of acceptance long left behind.

Found herself

She thought that someday someone would come, who would change her world, takeaway her sorrows and add a spark to her mundane life. She searched for him for long, made sincere attempt to find her soul, find herself, who she thought was in his possession. She thought that he would make her world, one happy place, make it like her dreams. He would take her to a place unknown, where she would fall in love with herself.

And then suddenly one day, she discovered herself, in a corner, in tattered pieces, she asked her, “what happened?” She said, “Nothing, you were so busy searching for yourself in other people, thinking someone else would find me for you, that forgot to look near you.”

That day she found her, herself, without any help, then she saw the world in a new way, loved herself more than any one else, found her shoulder capable enough to lean on and a smile, reminiscent of finding herself. 

That day she understood that no one can ever make her be herself, takeaway her sorrows, or find a smile on her face. She herself has to find a light in the dark abysses.

P.s: these positive thoughts made the Base of her happy future.

A Tiny Tale

A tiny beating heart in a corner of my body, desired for fulfillment and waited for love. Then you came, you held me close, kissed me long, touched my bare body and penetrated my soul. You sealed up those broken pieces, you stitched my heart into a whole. My soul intermingled with yours, your hug, became a paradise to me. And then everything changed, you drifted away. I waited for you to come. Tears escaping my eyes drenched my pillow, volume of my music player hiked and thoughts of us meeting again, filled my mind. But still no sign of you.

Like a cold breeze ruffling through my hair, you had come, made me happy, lifted me up, but then you left. I remained all alone in this world, with my tears and my own shoulders to lean on.

P.s in response to the daily prompt transformation, as the protagonist transformed from a girl with a broken heart, but again went back to being the same.

The grip

She was running through the cluttered, crowded platform as fast as she could. She abruptly halted in front of a young man, he looked at her, opened his lips to say something, but before he could, she gripped her into a tight hug, her arms around his neck. He tried to push her, free himself, but could not. How could she leave him? If she did then he would go away, forever. She held onto her even tighter. She remembered what a petty reason he had given when she confessed her feelings for him, and asked her to forget him. He said that he has a job with a meagre income, a income not even enough to meet his daily needs, but was it a strong reason to sacrifice those long walks that they both have beside the sea and those long talks? Can anyone other than him ever listen to her more patiently? Can anyone other than him love her the way he does? No. She answered herself. Then how can she let him go? She thought.

The train, entered the platform, and stopped beside them, he pushed her harder, but she still held on, never losing the grip. He could feel her breathing heavily on his shoulders and her breasts pressed against his chest, her hands enclosing him. His heart was pounding, But he could not go back to her,  how can he? He thought. She was so beautiful, she would get much better suitor than him, who would keep her happy. Afterall what could a vagabond possibly give her? And when she would know about his past, about the crime that he had done, would she still love him the same? Even though he had never intended to do it but intense torture forced him to thrust the knife into her cruel aunt’s right arm, which had left her injured slightly, but brought him a jail sentence. 

The train was leaving the platform, moving slowly now, he pushed her hard, she fell back, he lifted his suitcase, she held him from the back, “leave me” he said. He pulled himself, she fell on the platform floor, blood oozed out of her head. 


He was sitting on the hospital bed, her head rested on his lap, she was looking at her, holding his hand, and smiling. “I love you” She said. “And thank you for telling me the truth, about your past. By the way when you had told me about the job, I knew that it was not the real reason so I delved deeper into your past and found out everything, thus I know. Are you still thinking of leaving me? Because if you are then you might also have my grave digged up, as your simple attempt brought me to the hospital bed, so if do leave me then I would definitely die. He placed his forefinger on her lips, “shhh…” he said, “I am not leaving you.”