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Worth Remembering: Book Blitz

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This is my stop during the book blitz for Worth Remembering by Holly James. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 14 till 20 July. See the tour schedule here.

Worth Remembering


(English Rose #1)

By Holly James
Genre: Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: June 4, 2017

Running into her head-over-heels first love during a week’s holiday in Mallorca with her spirited friend Lou was not what Samantha Hillcrest had planned. When sparks fly on the idyllic Mediterranean island she wonders how she’ll be able to return home to her husband and grown-up children, pretending her life hasn’t been turned upside down. Caught between family commitments and the red-hot, sizzling chemistry she shares with Gabriel—her love from twenty-five years ago—Samantha faces an impossibly heart-breaking choice.

A stand-alone novel, Worth Remembering is the first story in the English Rose series which follows a group of authentic English women on their complicated romantic journeys.

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About the Author:
Holly James was born and raised with her three siblings in Norfolk, England. She packed her bags at eighteen to spend the next four years at university. She lived in Newcastle, Birmingham, London, France, and Spain before settling in beautiful New Zealand. Her daily loves are good coffee, writing, her children, and her husband—the order depending on what kind of day she’s having.
All Holly’s books are stand-alones with no cliffhangers. To be notified of new releases subscribe to her mailing list at

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A Promise Broken: Book Review


By Anissa Garcia

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Release Date:
July 10, 2017

AG Romance Reads LLC

The Promise Series 


After a relationship gone bad, Hilary Matthews felt unsure about where she belonged or what to do with her life. Cue Zach Collins, a love ‘em and leave ‘em, no strings attached type of guy. The perfect distraction for her wounded heart. Just one problem. Zach isn’t some random stranger. He’s her brother’s best friend, and more than that, he’s practically family.  And to complicate matters, just when things start to heat up between them, she learns there’s more to Zach than he let on.

Zach’s job as assistant to an A-list actor allows him the luxury of women, travel, freedom and fun. But things changed the moment Hilary made her move, completely altering his world. Hilary is his fantasy come to life, his dream woman in the flesh…and his best friend’s little sister. Stepping over the line with her would not only ruin his friendship, but possibly alienate him from the only family he’s ever known. 

The pressure mounts as truths are exposed. Embroiled in betrayal, lies, guilt, and heartache, Hilary and Zach must decide if the biggest emotion of all is worth the turmoil. With so much at stake, the repercussions from a promise broken would cause the battle of their lives.


A promise broken is a beautiful love story with a nice storyline and lovable characters.

Zach has lived with Matthews as their family member ever since his parents left him there with a lot of money. Zach is very lovable and relatable character. He is a person who could to do anything for the Matthew’s family, because it is the only family he had ever know. He is kind hearted and a bit afraid to fall in love or have a relationship. 

Hilary is Zach’s best friend Evan Matthews’ sister, she is a strong woman, who can make great scarifices for the person she loves.

A Promise Broken’s narrative is told from two point of views that is from Zach and Hilary’s POVs. Apart from being in the present, the narrative also goes into the past to tell certain instances such as when once a new year, years back Hilary was kissed on cheek by Zach. Other than this there were many other instances too. These trips to the past were a really good addition to the book.

Zach and Hilary’s love story was romantic, sensual and at times painful. A Promise Broken is kind of book that would leave you with a happy feeling after you finish reading it.

“He truly loved me, healed my heart, put me back together. He’d broken a promise—but in breaking it he created a newer, stronger bond. It was a promise that made us more than family. It made us forever.”~Hilary

 I would like to recommend this book to all romance lovers.



(4.5 stars out of 5)

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*I received this book in return for an honest review*

Wolf_Blog Tour: Spotlight


by A.E. Fisher

Black Angels #2

Publication Date: July 7, 2017

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, MC Romance, Biker Romance, Standalone









Three years, we’d been playing our little game. Pretending I was too quick to be caught and he was too slow to catch me. Pretending the tension between us wasn’t there. Pretending I wasn’t interested. He was a stubborn, misogynistic bastard.

And he fit me perfectly.

The only problem was that a man like Wolf wanted everything. Everything I didn’t want to give. We both had our past—pasts we weren’t ready to face, commitments we weren’t ready to make.

But we didn’t get to make that decision, because our pasts were alive, and when they came for us, I found that there was only one thing left for me to do.

It was time for me to face the wolf.


From the second she strutted into my club, put a knife to my balls, and demanded I make her my lawyer, she got more than just a job. She got my balls handed to her on a silver platter. Because I knew I had to have her.

But shadows hung between us, and whenever I took one step closer, she took one step back. She was my prey, but every time I had her in my claws, she slipped out just in time, and I pretended it wasn’t my mistake.

But I was done letting her escape. My past taught me to protect what’s mine, and when shadows surfaced, threatening to destroy not just my club and principles but everything between us, I knew the game was over.

She was mine.

And it was about time I showed her.



Writing books had been a big part of my life for many years; whether it was writing in secret notebooks during class, writing amateur novels or posting stories online, I surrounded myself with it.

Of course, it has its up and downs, but I’ve never once thought that writing wasn’t for me.

Because of that, I can share the worlds I discover in my head with the outside world, and although that might sound crazy to some, it’s fine by me. So long as I can do what I love, I’m happy.

And every person who’s happy as a result of my writing is a bonus for which, I’m forever grateful for.

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Home Field_Blog Tour: Excerpt

Home Field banner This is my stop during the blog tour for Home Field by Laurie Winter. This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 30 June till 13 July. See the tour schedule here

Home Field

HOME FIELD (Warriors of the Heart #1)

By Laurie Winter Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Age category: Adult 

Release Date: 30 June, 2017


One year after her husband is killed in action, Julie Ellis is back in her hometown and focused on raising her young son. Then Reagan Harrison bursts into her life—a cocky, charming linebacker who leaves her off balance. As a successful, professional athlete, Reagan believes he has it all. But after meeting Julie, he finds every excuse in the book to spend time with her. Despite his best efforts not to fall too hard, Reagan envisions a future with Julie, along with the little boy he’s come to love as his own. While Reagan’s protective love begins to mend Julie’s spirit, she can’t suppress her continued deep devotion to her late husband’s memory. And when a letter arrives from beyond the grave, Reagan resolves to provide her with the answers she desperately needs to heal. Now Julie must choose either to keep her heart closed off or remove the lock and fight for a future with Reagan. Can a second chance at true love be just as sweet?


Reagan’s voice cracked. Get it together, Harrison, you’re not sixteen. He cleared his throat. “Nice to see you again.”

“Hi.” She went to the back door to let her son out of his booster seat. “Thanks for arranging this. Aiden’s really excited, so I hope you’re ready. He may give you a run for your money.”

“I’m ready for anything.” His wide smile might seem too eager, so he dialed it back a notch. Spending time with her son would remind him of why he didn’t date single moms. Although he was incredibly attracted to her, he figured a widow with a young son was too much responsibility. At this point in his professional career, he was very careful of who he let into his life. He didn’t need any distractions. This tour with Aiden should shake loose any romantic notions he had toward the kid’s mother.

You can find Home Field on Goodreads 

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Laurie Winter

About the Author: Laurie Winter is a true warrior of the heart. Inspired by her dreams, she creates authentic characters who overcome the odds and find true love. She keeps her life balanced with regular yoga practice and running. When not pounding the pavement or the keyboard, she’s enjoying time with her family, who are scattered between Wisconsin and Michigan. Laurie has three kids and one fantastic husband, all who inspire her to chase her dreams. You can find and contact Laurie Winter here: – WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoodreadsPinterestInstagram

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The To do list: Book Review


By Sharon Struth

Genres: romance, suspense


Maggie Harris has her ultra-organized life well in hand, until she finds her neighbor and husband together, in her bed, and the tight hold she keeps on her world unravels, leaving her grasping for an escape. So how can she refuse when she’s handed the dream job of running her aunt’s bookstore and a chance for a fresh start? Even though the bookstore is in Brockport, Connecticut, her former hometown, and a place she’d vowed to leave behind forever.

When someone breaks into Maggie’s new business and leaves a threat on the wall, Detective Cooper Stanton is assigned the case. It’s been twenty years, but Coop hasn’t forgotten the way Maggie once charmed him at every turn—even with her controlling ways. This time, though, Coop refuses to let her seize the reins. What he doesn’t know is she plans to grab them anyway…and she’s got a secret she never shared.


The To-do List is a fine mixture of romance and suspense with nice plot. 

I loved both Maggie and Cooper’s characters. Coop is unorganised and likes to have his office table or anything he uses messy whereas Maggie is very organised and can’t tolerate messy places. 

Maggie and Coop were friends with feelings for eachother in their high school and they went their separate ways after Coop pushed her away. So The To-do List is a second chance romance as the two main characters meet again after a gap of 20 long years. Maggie and Coop’s love story is beautiful. It was sweet at times but at other times it was painful. This is my first second chance romance novel and after reading this book I know I would read more from this genre.

“Maggie admired Coop, breathing in the soft shadow of his cheeks and the glint in his eyes. He watched her and softened his lids ever so slightly, sending a warm tingle to her belly. Coop was sex on a platter.”

Mystery and the suspense surrounding the threats that Maggie received kept me guessing who can be behind these threats or what can be the reason. The reason these threats and attacks happened was something that I could have never imagined, even in my wildest dreams. The suspense was a very good addition to Maggie and Cooper’s story.

The To-do List is an enjoyable read that I believe would be loved by both mystery and romance lovers. 



(4.5 stars out of 5)


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The Hourglass, her debut novel, is a finalist in the National Readers’ Choice Awards for Best first Book. Her next release, SHARE THE MOON-Book one in the Blue Moon Lake Novel Series-is published by Kensington Books/Lyrical Press.

She writes from the friendliest place she’s ever lived, Bethel, Connecticut, along with her husband, two daughters and canine companions. For more information, including where to find her published essays, please visit or visit her blog, Musings from the Middle Ages & More at

*I received the book from Tasty Book Tours in return for an honest review*


The doorbell jangled loudly. I went to open the door. The sight their took my breath away. It was my husband. My child ran passed me and jumped up and hugged him tightly, refusing to let go, after all he saw his father after 6 long years. 

The expression on my face was readable I belief because my husband said, “You look shocked dear. But I think I detect something else too…..” He paused. I looked directly into his eyes, “Fear….. Are you scared of me?” My child said something in response to what he heard from his father but I was not listening, my mind was already preoccupied. I turned around and ran as first as I could to my ground floor bedroom. I closed the door and brought out the hoe from my bathroom, where I had kept it hidden since that day 6 years back. I jumped out of the window into the garden. I started digging and at last I came to that spot and found my husband peacefully sleeping, now a skeleton unlike the man of blood and flesh who I had buried six years back. 

Exactly at that moment I knew my end was near. 10 years back when we got married I had told him that if he ever dies I would prefer to be dug alive with him in his grave rather than face the rest of my life alone. I guess my wish is finally coming true. I know he was standing behind me, his hands on my waist. I never believed in spirits but from now I think I would if only I ever came out of this day alive.  At that exact moment I heard his deep manly voice, “The insurance money, the properties, everything….. 6 years was long time you got to enjoy these things but now you have to say goodbye to it all….. I guess to your inspector friend too but I think you could meet him again….. Your inspector friend was quite helpful I had heard…. So maybe I would like to take care of him too….. Just after I send you off to my grave like you had wished….. Bye love…. I hope you enjoy your afterlife journey” He kissed my cheek. I struggled a lot but he was always strong and death did not make difference. And then I felt a hard push. 

I woke up sweaty. It was 3 am. And then I heard a voice, and chills ran down my back, it was so much like my husband’s. “Incredible dream….. Right baby…… it was a great entertainment, yes baby?…. Like that movie you and your inspector friend went out to watch after he closed my murder case with those dollars you had offered, a part of my death insurance money….. 

Anyway I think I have entertained you enough and now I would like you in my arms, right in my grave….. Like you had wished……”