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Life at 17 in making – 2017 Blogging goals

For 2017 I would say that I would like to properly establish my blog as a book review blog along with a writer’s blog. I wish to do more book reviews so that I can be an asset to writers out there and help make books, a success. I am also looking forward to unleash the writer in me a bit more so that I keep on supplying you people with stories and poems. And I hope that you would like them.

I would also like to increase my page views by opening a FB page and also going online at Twitter. I have been almost dormant on Indiblogger, I wish to sort that to. 

With the huge pile of studies finally getting lifted of my head as I would pass from school to college, I wish to devote more time to blogging and reading.

What are your blogging goals? Share yours with me!!πŸ™‚