Easy – Book Review

Labeled: Book Two

By Jordan S Gray

Genre: New Adult Romantic Comedy

Release: January 26, 2017

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


It’s been an entire month since Shayler Thompson has orgasmed from something not made out of silicone. If her sour mood is any indication, she needs to get laid like yesterday. So when she walks up to a sexy nerd at the bar and propositions him, it seems like a great idea. Until he rejects her and calls her easy.

Still reeling from his hurtful words, Shayler is surprised to find that the nerd, David, is a Teacher Assistant for the one college class she’s totally embarrassing herself in. When he offers to help her study, she accepts, thinking that maybe she’ll get laid after all. But David isn’t into casual sex, and Shayler refuses any sort of commitment. With enough chemistry to light his dumb Prius on fire, she’s sure one of them will eventually give in… She just really hopes it won’t be her.

Even though Easy is a part of a series, it can be read as a standalone novel. 


So I would start off by saying that I was literally on cloud nine when the author offered me to read and review this book, firstly because I totally loved the Labeled book 1 Prude and secondly because I adored Shayler’s character there and wanted to know more about her. So all in all I had pretty high expectations from this book. And I should accept that this novel did meet all my expectations.


Nothing is going right for Shayler after a hot nerd, David rejects . She is getting rejected by more men, and her desperation to get laid is increasing day by day. And to top it all she is informed that she needs to declare a major, or else she would run out of her scholarship but she has not yet decided what she wants to do. Then one day, David offers to help her study and soon her world turns upside down.

David is a very organised, sorted out man, he knows what he wants, and does work towards it. For Shayler he was a path shower, when she couldn’t decide what to do with her major. He was always there to give her sound advice and a helping hand. He made her fall in love, even when Shayler was determined that she didn’t want a relationship. If you read this book you would definitely agree with me that he is undeniably a charming and lovable character. 

Shayler, is funny, witty, unorganised and carefree. In one word she is the ‘free spirit’ as quoted by Rebecca in Prude. Relationships? Marriage? Children? No that’s not Shayler’s cup of tea. l was able to connect to her character instantly and feel her every emotion. She is definitely gonna make a permanent place in that well built character list of mine.

The contrast between the beliefs of Shayler and David is well shown and adds beauty to their love story.

Throughout the story, sometimes I laughed aloud, sometimes I just read with a smile on my face, basking in the warmth of highly intense and passionate moment. And sometimes I wished to cry during those instances when Shayler’s fear of commitment created havoc in her life. All through the novel the one thing that I felt was that how well the author expressed the emotions of Shayler. Her dilemma to choose between her description of freedom and David who loved her, her fear of commitment, her terror of getting changed and getting bonded into a family life with no fun. Her every emotions is so well communicated that you would feel you’re inside the novel, within Shayler’s heart, mind and soul, feeling each of her feelings.

“If he left now, it’d be too much. She’d never live again, not really, anyway. Her life would be like one of those dull black and white movies, unfulfilling and boring and empty.”

The love story of David and Shayler is so beautiful, that if you are single then this novel is definitely going to make you crave for a partner.

“Whatever was happening wasn’t sex, wasn’t what she’d done dozens of times before. Shayler was used to hunger and haste, not this. This was like he was worshipping her, like she was a treasure he’d spent years searching for and was going to take his time examining”

Overall I would say that the book is well written, the love story is very beautiful and the characters are pretty amazing. So grab this novel in the first chance you get to fall in love with David, Shayler and their love story. I would highly recommend Easy to all romance lovers.



(5 stars)

*I got this book from the author in return for an honest review*


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